Privacy Policy

Here we present you with the Privacy Policy of Vehicleartistry explaining how we gather and handle your as well as your organization’s information with respect to your relationship with us as a client or visitor to the site. Please go through the privacy policy correctly to stay informed as it is subject to change now and then. It is mandatory to accept all the policies to go ahead on the site.

With your consent, we collect information from you in two ways- directly and indirectly. The direct information is being collected during the account creation such as your name, or organization name, contact number, postal address, and email address.

We take one information indirectly such as the IP address of your personal computer, i.e., the one that you are using during the time of using Vehicleartistry’s website. These are collected by us in the form of cookies, which does not contain any personally identifiable details.

Vehicleartistry stands against sharing or publicizing any kind of identity and details of your information with anyone except for the delivery purpose alone. We will only have to share a few basic details of our customers like name, contact number, postal address, or office address so as to finish the delivery successfully. For this Vehicleartistry ensures in following certain safety protocols for our customers better privacy.

Your email address will be used by us as the primary means of communication. The same will be used to send information such as order confirmation, updates, newsletters, order tracking details, etc.

If the emails no longer serve your needs, you are free to unsubscribe at any time.

Feel free to contact us by filling the Contact Us form. Also, write to us at the following address: